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UNCOOKED ALERT: eEnergy said to ... - Part 2

Monday, 22 January 2024, 11:47 am

eEnergy, the London-listed listed net zero digital services provider, this morning announced it has sold its energy management division for £29.1 million, thereby confirming one aspect of little old Betaville's UNCOOKED alert from December 2023.

I have pasted the link below to this morning's announcement and the link to December's UNCOOKED Alert:..


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UNCOOKED ALERT: La Francaise des Jeux SA said to ... - Part 2

Sunday, 21 January 2024, 9:30 pm

I see France-listed gaming operator La Francaise des Jeux has finally confirmed little old Betaville's UNCOOKED Alert from last year about its interest in purchasing Nordic gaming group Kindred.

In case you don't recall, little old Betaville revealed back in August La Francaise des Jeux was plotting a takeover bid for Kindred. Below is the link to that piece:..


ABRDN Property Income Trust and Custodian Property Income REIT in £538 million all share "merger"

Friday, 19 January 2024, 7:38 am

Consolidation among London-listed REITs continues.

This morning Custodian Property Income REIT is acquiring ABRDN Property Income Trust for £237 million with its own stock, which is a premium of around 30pc.

It looks like Custodian Property Income REIT's shareholders will end up with the lion's share of the equity in the new company, so I'm not sure this really is a "merger" as billed in the announcement...


Is the Irish billionaire beef baron building up a stake in Crest Nicholson?

Thursday, 18 January 2024, 6:56 pm

Little old Betaville isn't a great fan of headlines with a question mark in them.

But sometimes they serve a purpose, such as in this case about a mysterious stakebuilding taking place in London-listed housebuilder Crest Nicholson.

A loyal reader got in touch to point out that Jersey-based vehicle called Shanlis Investment Unlimited has quietly accumulated a 6pc shareholding in Crest Nicholson...


The former Chancellor of the Exchequer, the boutique investment bank firm and, er, insert anything they are both involved with here... - the series returns - Part 6

Monday, 15 January 2024, 6:32 pm

Little old Betaville has been ruminating on the Genteel Hustler's excellent scoop in yeseterday's The Sunday Times about Redbird IMI hiring Robey Warshaw to get its takeover of The Daily Telegraph over the line with the British regulators. Below is a link to Genteel's (also known as the William Turvill) scoop in case you missed it:..


The former Chancellor of the Exchequer, the boutique investment bank firm and, er, insert anything they are both involved with here... - the series returns - Part 5

Saturday, 13 January 2024, 11:28 am

The Genteel Hustler has been hustling hard.

Genteel - also known as William Turvill, a reporter on The Sunday Times business section - has just landed a cracking story about how Redbird IMI, the investment vehicle backed by the United Arab Emirates, has recruited advisory the advisory firm that counts George Osborne as one of its partners to try to get its takeover of The Daily Telegraph, littld old Betaville's former employer, over the line...


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UNCOOKED ALERT: Believe SA said to ... - Part 2

Friday, 12 January 2024, 8:08 am

Hat tip to Amy-Jo Crowley of Reuters for digging out a new line on the Believe takeover tale that little old Betaville discovered last month.

Loyal readers might recall that late last year little old Betaville published an UNCOOKED Alert about the France-listed music services company. Below is the link:



Hewlett Packard Enterprise in advanced talks to buy Juniper Networks for $13 billion, reveals the Wall Street Journal - Part 2

Wednesday, 10 January 2024, 10:51 am

Deal hacks at the Wall Street Journal are on a serious hot streak.

Last night Juniper Networks and Hewlett Packard Enterprise confirmed the WSJ's scoop from earlier in the week about a takeover of the US-listed networking company for $40 in cash or around $14 billion by the latter. Below is the link to the announcement:..


Hewlett Packard Enterprise in advanced talks to buy Juniper Networks for $13 billion, reveals the Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, 9 January 2024, 8:04 am

Hacks at the Wall Street Journal have a got a bit between their teeth, delivering yet another major takeover scoop.

This time the deal team at WSJ are reporting that Hewlett Packard Enterprise is in "advanced talks" to purchase US-listed networking company Juniper Networks for $13 billion.

Yes that's the same Juniper Networks that was rumoured in 2017 to be takeover target for Finland's Nokia. Anyway, below is a link to the WSJ's scoop:..


GlaxoSmithKline splashes out $1.4 billion on Aiolos Bio, Inc

Tuesday, 9 January 2024, 7:49 am

Another day, another biopharmaucetical takeover by a major pharmaceutical company.

This time it's the turn of FTSE 100-listed GlaxoSmithKline, which is paying $1.4 billion for Aiolos Bio, Inc, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for respiratory and inflammatory conditions.

Below is the link to this morning if you would like to read all the details of the transaction:..


Biotechnology double deals ... - Part 2

Monday, 8 January 2024, 1:00 pm

A string of US-listed biotechnology deals have been announced today.

They include: Boston Scientific's $3.7 billion acquisition of US-listed medical technology company Axonics and Merck's $680 million takeover of Harpoon Therapeutics.

Also, announced today was Johnson & Johnson's $2 billion acquisition of US-listed biopharmaceutical company Ambrx. Below is the link to that deal announcement:..


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