Betaville Intelligence subscriptions

Welcome to Betaville’s proprietary intelligence platform. You can only get access to Betaville's proprietary intelligence by becoming a subscriber.

Subscribers to Betaville intelligence will receive exclusive market-critical stories about corporate transactions.

Betaville subscribers can be expected to receive regular intelligence email alerts but the emphasis is on quality rather than volume, so there is no guarantee that subscribers will get new intelligence articles on a daily basis.

Betaville has a wide range of high-level sources but from time to time some intelligence alerts may contain a “RARE” disclaimer. For readers unfamiliar with RARE, I have pasted the definition below:

Market gossip that hasn't been tested through all formal journalistic channels (public relations executives, bankers etc). The rumour might be total codswallop but then again there may be something in it, so it's worth airing on Betaville.

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