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American software investor swoops on Gresham Technologies with £150 million takeover bid

Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 7:50 am

STG Partners, an American private equity firm that specialises in buying software businesses, has agreed a deal to buy London-listed Gresham Technologies for 146.7 million.

The offer for Gresham Technologies - which specialises in selling software and cloud services to financial firms - is 163p a share in cash. That is a premium of 26.94pc to yesterday's closing share price. Below is a link to the full details of the deal:..


Blackstone to purchase Apartment Income REIT for $10 billion, reveals the Wall Street Journal

Monday, 8 April 2024, 2:10 pm

The Wall Street Journal is on a bit of roll.

Today, the venerable newspaper revealed that private equity giant Blackstone is set to purchase upmarket flats owner Apartment Income REIT for around $10 billion or $39.12 a share in cash. And the deal was quickly confirmed following publication.

Below is the link the original WSJ piece:..


Johnson & Johnson in talks to buy Shockwave Medical for over $10 billion, reveals the Wall Street Journal - Part 2

Friday, 5 April 2024, 12:10 pm

The Wall Street Journal was bang on the money with its recent scoop about Johnson & Johnson move on US-listed medical device maker Shockwave Medical.

The terms of the deal have just been announced and I have pasted the link below if you want to real all of the details of the transaction:..


Google owner said to be weighing $35 billion plus takeover bid for HubSpot Inc, according to Reuters

Thursday, 4 April 2024, 2:55 pm

Rivals at Reuters have landed a bit of mega scoop that little old Betaville also happened to be chasing down.

The news agency has just revealed that Alphabet, the US technology giant that owns Google, is in talks with advisers about buying HubsSpot, the US-listed American developer and marketer of software products for marketing, sales, and customer service. Below is a link to the story: ..


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UNCOOKED ALERT: NAHL Group said to ...

Thursday, 4 April 2024, 1:56 pm

NAHL Group, the London-listed consumer legal services company, has come under the spotlight amid talk it may be weighing a sale of part of the company for significantly more than the company's current market market capitalisation of the business.

People following the situation have heard rumours NAHL, which is due to unveil trading figures soon, may be looking to dispose of its critical care business to a private equity firm...


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UNCOOKED ALERT: Renishaw said to ... - Part 3

Thursday, 4 April 2024, 7:56 am

There was plenty of follow up to little old Betaville's UNCOOKED Alert about FTSE 250-listed Renishaw in today's British national newspapers.

One piece that struck the right tone was written by John Abiona in the Daily Mail. It carried the headline: Renishaw 'still a target' in Footsie feeding frenzie. Below is a link to the whole article in case you missed it:..


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UNCOOKED ALERT: Renishaw said to ... - Part 2

Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 8:53 am

German industrial giant Siemens released a rather curious statement late yesterday afternoon in response to little old Betaville's UNCOOKED Alert about FTSE 250-listed engineering firm Renishaw.

Siemens said it: "confirms that it does not intend to make an offer for Renishaw" but then reserved the right to make an offer if it reaches an agreement or recommendation of the Renishaw board directors etc etc etc. Below is a link to the statement:..


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UNCOOKED ALERT: MoonLake Immunotherapeutics said to ... - Part 2

Thursday, 28 March 2024, 3:57 pm

Company presentations aren't usually little old Betaville's thing but sometimes you can still find the odd useful nugget in these documents.

Take, for example, a presentation from Moonlake Immunotherapeutics, the US-listed biopharmaceutical company, from March 10. Below is the link:



Spirent Communications draws £1 billion plus counter offer from Keysight Technologies, reveals Sky News

Wednesday, 27 March 2024, 8:24 pm

The old Mark "The Kleinmanator" Kleinman is on a hot streak at the moment.

The Sky News City editor has just popped with another deal scoop.

This time Kleiny, a former colleague during our time on The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph, has revealed that US-listed firm Keysight Technologies is preparing to launch a 200p a share counter offer for Spirent Communications...


Johnson & Johnson in talks to buy Shockwave Medical for over $10 billion, reveals the Wall Street Journal

Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 6:58 pm

Little old Betaville is in another grump.


Well, I was chasing down the takeover rumours circulating about Shockwave, the US-listed medical device company, and just as I was about to publish an alert rivals at the Wall Street Journal pumped out their scoop about Johnson & Johnson's bid for the company. Below is a link to WSJ's scoop:..


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UNCOOKED ALERT: DS Smith said to ... - Part 8

Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 5:16 pm

Mark "The Kleinmanator" Kleinman of Sky News has just popped up with a cracking new line on the DS Smith takeover talks.

According to the Kleinmanator, International Paper is considering launching a £5 billion counter offer for DS Smith.

The move comes amid UK-listed Mondi's talks to purchase DS Smith, first revealed by little old Betaville, to buy its rival for around 373p a share to create a £10 billion packaging giant...


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UNCOOKED ALERT: Interpublic Group of Companies Inc said to ... - Part 2

Monday, 25 March 2024, 8:51 pm

So, it would appear Barron's (owned by the The Wall Street Journal) has attempted to follow little old Betaville's UNCOOKED Alert about the Interpublic Group of Companies.

It's a bit of a strange article. Initially, the Barron's story attempts to pour cold water on little old Betaville's UNCOOKED Alert but at the same time argues little old Betaville might be barking up the right tree. Talk about sitting on the fence!..


Bears circle Global Life Inc...

Thursday, 21 March 2024, 3:40 pm

US-listed insurance group Global Life has taken a bit of kicking in recent weeks.

Earlier this month a report in Business Insider suggested the US Department of Justice launched an investigation into Global Life and its subsidiary American Income Life. Below is a link to that piece:..


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UNCOOKED ALERT: Equals Group said to ... - Part 3

Wednesday, 20 March 2024, 10:21 pm

Loyal readers might recall that little old Betaville smoked out takeover interest in London-listed payments company Equals Group from US private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners late last year when this website published an UNCOOKED Alert about the bid speculation surrounding the company.

Below is a link to Betaville's original UNCOOKED Alert in case you don't recall:..


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