RARE ALERT: Walt Disney Co said to have rekindled interest in buying Twitter; price agreed

Some rather juicy RARE has landed in my lap.

It's a pretty simple tale: Walt Disney Co is said to be closing in on a multi-billion dollar takeover of micro blogging site Twitter after both companies agreed on a takeout price late last week...


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Date: Tuesday, 25 October 2016, 11:03 pm

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  • jjac355-aol.com7 years ago

    Keep updating please

  • Bron Borton7 years ago

    Any Update from your Disney Source ????!??!? I DO think you are right on your intel, must not quite be there with an Ink'd deal. The TW deal with AT&T will force Softbank, Disney, or Goog to make a move. Perhaps even APPL

  • Byron Borton7 years ago

    Hey Ben

    Will shoot me an email about this Story ? I just want your take on whether your Disney Source is Legitimate, or perhaps he got it wrong. My take is that he is RIGHT ON, but just early on the News. Anyway, I have 7-digits in the Twitter play, so I just want to make sure I am fully informed. Now that your story is public, I see no reason you can't share your analysis on the Source, and information.



  • selah7 years ago

    Man, you gotta update this Story !! :)

    RSS Feed now on homepage. I hope the scoop is legit

    Good Work !

  • yikes_08-yahoo.com7 years ago

    This deal makes a lot of sense, compared to some others however, I believe the rumored price is to low, upper twenties? the company is worth more.

  • kirk white7 years ago

    looks like this was all "codswallop".

  • kmtpinfo-yahoo.com7 years ago

    Today Twitter announced partnership with Disney for streaming some content so does this mean no buyout? Any other rumors regarding potential bidders for Twitter buyout?

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