The former Marks & Spencer boss, Sir Philip Green's PR man and, er, The Donald

Monday, 14 November 2016, 1:25 pm

Little old Betaville has been running now for a couple of years and has developed a bit of a following in the City. And some readers are now even offering to write pieces for little old Betaville.

So, as a bit of an experiment, below is a contribution from a certain “Mr Shears”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

A contribution from Mr Shears:

There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip, as my old boss used to say.

Well, as it turns out, he was completely right. Just the other day that old remainer Lord Rose of Monewden, the ex Marks & Spencer chief executive, was having a chat with his pal and Maitland PR chief Neil Bennett – via the pages of City AM’s wine review. Here is a link to the interview:

Now Lord Rose, you might remember, was chairman of the "Stronger In" campaign – at least until he mysteriously faded from sight about two months before the Referendum was botched (please forgive me using the pejorative, but the wounds are fresh). Campaign followers may remember he became a target for those dastardly Brexiteers faster than you can say “Marks & Spencer’s prawn sandwiches”. Mr Bennett also has his hands full these days, but the bon viver was flowing, and I’m sure many readers quickly forgot that his clients include a certain top shop keeper who also happens to be one of Lord Rose’s old sparring partners - Sir Philip Green.

It was good to see both having a bit of time off surrounded by their favourite tipples. So, it turns out, what better time to vent your Grenache than when submersed in a discussion about your 10,000-bottle wine cellar deep inside a City free sheet. Somewhere before selecting his favourite dessert wines (‘It’s Monday lunchtime so we have restricted ourselves to a small tasting,’ Bennett tells readers) Lord Rose spills the metaphorical Beaujolais.

“I always knew it was going to be a dirty fight,’ says Lord Rose, as he cracked into his 2013 Montee de Tonnerre. “I don’t regret it, but to be honest, businessmen should stick to business and politicians to politics.”

Then, shortly before his final wine selection, Bennett’s notepad now threatening to spontaneously combust, he lands the killer blow...


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