Is the tide turning for Odey the Brexiteer? - part 14

Friday, 17 February 2017, 8:49 am

Will 2017 be a better year for Crispin Odey, one of Britain's best-known hedge fund managers?

Well, in the some respects things are on the up for the charasmatic buffer, who once spent over £150,000 on a Palladian style mansion for his pet chickens.

According to yesterday's The Forester, the stone coop Odey built for his chickens at Eastbach Court, Odey's Gloucestershire manion, was "highly commended" in its category. Here is a link to the piece in The Forester:§ionIs=news&searchyear=2017

Whilst Crispin must pleased as punch at winning the award for his £150,000 chicken coop investors must be hoping he can generate a turnaround at his flagship Odey European fund.

Indeed, last year was a right stinker, with Crispin's Odey European fund plunging almost 50pc thanks to his view that the global economy and world markets were on the cusp of another implosion (in case you hadn't noticed stock markets are generally flirting with record highs). Read all about his views here:

So, the big question is whether Crispin will look to engineer gains by capitulating on his ultra bearish view?

Sharp suited types from Mayfair tell me some of the funds within the Odey group are already demonstrating gains for January 2017 although there is still no visbility on whether the Crispin's flagship fund is up in January 2017.

Still, the monthly investor letter is expected to come out now so I guess the market will find out soon enough. Do ping it over via the usual channels if you receive it before me.....

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