Confirmations, confirmations and more confirmations...

Friday, 22 September 2017, 4:00 pm

Betaville is in a particularly good mood today because this week has seen several of this website's scoops and scoopettes confirmed by the companies involved.

First of - Aim-listed Rose Petroleum this morning confirmed yesterday's RARE Alert about the company's fundraising. I have pasted the link to the RNS statement below:

Also today, Central Asian Metals has effectively confirmed Betaville's Intelligence alert from a couple of weeks ago. Below is a link to Betaville's original story and also today's statement from Central Asian Metals.

Whilst this confirmation goes a long way to proving the doubters wrong it does come with a bit of a sour taste.

That's because, in case you don't recall, Central Asian Metals and its advisers effectively shafted Betaville by shoving out an RNS statement before this website could publish a story. That move came despite the fact Betaville followed traditional journalistic protocol by offering Central Asian Metals the opportunity to comment on the story before publication.

Moving on, the icing on the cake was the confirmation from US-based Calgon Carbon Corporation of Betaville's series of stories about a mytery predator from China/Japan circling the American odour eater group.

What was particularly satisfying was when Betaville realised the part 2 piece about the buyer for Calgon "coming from China" wasn't quite on the money this website corrected its own story for its readers, highlighting the buyer in fact was/is from "Japan". See the links below.


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