Back on Tip TV talking about Reckitt Benckiser, John Wood and Panera Bread - part 2

Thursday, 6 April 2017, 10:19 am

Bloomborg did well to get its series of Panera Bread scoops this week, so hat tip to the journos who landed those tales (I wasn't too far behind them but as a one man band freelancer it's sometimes tricky to get things stood up as quickly as a global financial media giant).

Anyway, little old Betaville would like to point out that I did flag up a a couple of times last year on Tip TV that Panera Bread was considered a takeover target for private equity firms and a deal was likely to happen in the not too distant future. I have pasted a link to one of those pieces below:

I suppose that's the difference between "intelligence" and "news"...

[Disclaimer - the information on Betaville does not consitute any form of investment recommendation and is not intended to be relied upon by readers in making, or refraining from, any investment decisions].

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