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RARE ALERT: WebMD said to ... part 2

Monday, 24 July 2017, 12:28 pm

Oh look - I see WebMD has announced it has struck a deal with US buy-out giant KKR to sell itself for around $2.8 billion.

Little old Betaville is particularly pleased that this deal has been announced. Why? Well, for a start it confirms a Betaville Intelligence piece published a couple of weeks ago. Here is a link to that piece:

Now, in case you don't recall Dealreporter - part of The Mergermarket Group, which is rebranding itself as Acuris - published an article a couple of days after little old Betaville's Intelligence WebMD alert claiming the auction isn't going well and that bidders had dropped out, implying the sale process could be about to fall over. That sent WebMD's shares 6/7pc lower to about $55 a share.

Little old Betaville wasn't too pleased about Dealreporter's piece as it appeared to be a blatant attack on little old Betaville's credibility, which little old Betaville has established by working hard for over decade in financial journalism at the highest level.

But I suspect the publishers of Dealreporter might now be regretting that piece!

In fact, I would call that 1 - 0 to little old Betaville.....

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